Navigating the Seas of Marine and Cargo Surveying

Ensuring Smooth Sailing with Harbour Marine Surveyors

Welcome aboard the world of marine and cargo surveying, where precision and expertise guide the way. At Harbour Marine Surveyors, we pride ourselves in offering comprehensive surveying services to optimize the safety and efficiency of your maritime operations. With a team led by a master mariner and a full International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) member, you can trust in our knowledge and experience.

Our list of services covers a wide range of areas, including outturn of steel surveys, draught surveys, bunker surveys, damaged cargo surveys, hatch cleanliness surveys, joint cargo surveys, and loading and discharging surveys. We believe in a proactive approach that ensures smooth sailing from start to finish.

The Art of Outturn of Steel Surveys

When it comes to steel shipments, accurate measurements are crucial. Our outturn of steel surveys employ the latest technology and techniques to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your cargo. We leave no room for error, ensuring you have precise information to make informed decisions regarding your valuable steel shipments.

Our expert surveyors will meticulously inspect your cargo, taking into account factors such as quantity, weight, and condition. We understand the challenges that come with steel transportation, and our tailored surveys are designed to address these concerns, giving you peace of mind throughout the process.

Draught Surveys: Navigating the Depths

Understanding the draught of your vessel is essential to ensure optimal loading capacity and stability. Our draught surveys provide precise measurements of the depth from the waterline to the bottom of the vessel, allowing you to accurately determine the weight of your cargo.

By utilizing advanced technology and following industry best practices, our surveyors calculate the displacement and weight of the vessel at various draughts. This information is vital for planning loading and unloading operations, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your maritime endeavors.

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