Pre-Shipment Inspection

A pre-shipment inspection is a step taken by trade operators, such as buyers, suppliers, and agencies, to inspect the products before they are shipped for export or import. The primary purposes of a pre-shipment inspection are to check the quantity and quality of the merchandise and to identify any defects that may be present. By […]

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Loading/Discharging Surveys

When it comes to shipping goods, ensuring the safety and integrity of the cargo is of utmost importance. This is where loading/discharging surveys play a crucial role. These surveys involve monitoring the cargo during the loading and discharging processes, and noting its condition to ensure that it arrives at its destination in the best possible

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Projects and Heavy Lifts Survey

When it comes to transporting large and heavy cargo, such as machinery, equipment, or infrastructure components, projects and heavy lifts surveys play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of the operation. The initial cargo inspection is the first step in the projects and heavy lifts survey. It involves assessing the condition of

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Outturn of Steel Survey

The outturn of steel inspection begins with an initial in-hatch cargo inspection. This inspection is conducted with the hatch covers open before the discharge commences. It involves a thorough examination of the visible and accessible cargo to identify any visible damages or irregularities. In addition to the visual inspection, silver nitrate tests, also known as

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Draft Survey

In the world of maritime transportation, ensuring the safe and efficient loading and unloading of cargo is of utmost importance. One critical aspect of this process is the draft survey, which involves calculating the weight of any cargo or material loaded onto or discharged from a vessel. A draft survey is conducted by measuring the

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Damage Survey

Damage surveys serve a crucial purpose in the world of commerce. Conducted to document the damage sustained to commodities, these surveys play a crucial role in mitigating possible financial losses that may result. By providing a detailed report with photographs, damage surveys help identify the condition of cargo and enable businesses to take appropriate measures

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